In 2011 introduced Glazed Ceramics as part of their materials catalogue. You may be wondering what that has to do with tea drinkers? The answer is very exciting.

3D printing is a similar process to your home computer printer, but adds the Z-axis function to the mix – and instead of ink and paper it uses a variety of materials. These printers have been in development since the 1980’s, and are getting more precise and more affordable. Right now, is selling 3D printers for $2,199, making 3D printing mainstream. 3D rendering software is becoming comprehensible and available.

This means that anyone can get a hold of 3D rendering software and render 3D objects without too much difficulty, or use a 3D scanner ($1,400) to replicate (as well as modify) an existing tangible object. If a 3D printer is not within your budget, or you wish to 3D print in materials such as gold, silver or ceramics, then that is where come in. Shapeways is a company that takes your 3D object order and prints it for you in a variety of different materials.

Long story short: designing your own ceramic Foodsafe Tableware such as…TEAPOTS! As a matter of fact, teapots and 3D rendering already have a sort of in-joke in the computer graphics community with the Utah Teapot, which has become an industry standard reference object.

Now 3D enthuisasts are able to print their own customized Fine China. What would your design look like?

Photo Credit: thor83 via Compfight cc