Just like you, we love a good cup of tea.

In order to maximize taste and freshness, follow these storage tips and you’ll be sipping the best cup possible!

  1. Sealed. Keep your nourishtea in a sealed container, like the tins we sell it in! If you choose to store your tea in another container, make sure it closes firmly. When tea is exposed to air, the leaves lose flavour – never leave a canister open.
  2. Dark. Keep your tea in a dark place, like a cupboard.
  3. Dry. Store your tins somewhere dry, where the temperature is constant. Avoid keeping it above the stove where steam will rise, or in the fridge, where the temperature is changing and moisture can breed.
  4. Away from strong odours. Tea can absorb strong flavours. To protect the true taste, don’t store it in the same place as you would spices.