Have you ever had company and needed a quick & delicious beverage to beat the heat? As a quick alternative to our Cold Brewed Iced Tea, try our Quick Fix Bourbon & Iced Tea!


What you’ll need:

French press, the largest you can get

Large pitcher 2L


1L boiling water/ or to fill French press

Pinch of nourishtea’s loose Minty Igloo (optional)

4-6 Tbsp your favorite loose nourishtea (any will do)

12 fluid oz Bourbon whiskey (or 2 oz per person)

1-2 lemons sliced

1-2 limes sliced

4 oz lemon juice


Easy dissolve sweetener/sugar



Boil and steep tea in French press until desired strength. While waiting for tea to steep, add Bourbon to the pitcher, which should be filled ¾ full of ice. Add sliced lemons, limes & lemon juice. When tea is to desired strength, press it and pour slowly over the ice in the pitcher so that the tea melts the ice and cools before accumulating at the bottom. Add quick dissolve sweetener / sugar to taste! Serves 4-6 people and ready in 10-15 minutes!

Photo Credit: Gayot.com via Compfight cc