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Craf-TEA March
7:00 pm , March 1, 2013 Comments Off on Craf-TEA March
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Did you know March is ‘Craft Month’? As an hommage to our crafty tea fans, we thought it would be fun to share a tutorial on how to paint with tea!

Before you get started with your painting, you’ll need a few supplies that can be purchased at an art supply store.
You will need:

  • Water colour paper (any size)
  • Paint brushes (at least 1 small brush for detail)
  • Containers or cups for different strength teas
  • Boiling water
  • Black tea leaves

Before you get started, you may want to get an image you like to use for reference. Or, you can let the creativity flow, and paint freestyle!

  1.  First you will need to boil water and brew a few ‘colours’ of tea. We recommend to brew 3 different shades of tea. As a rule of thumb, remember more water and less tea will result in a lighter colour; less water and more tea will result in a darker colour. For the very light shade, you may want to remove the leaves with a spoon so the tea doesn’t get darker as you paint.
  2. Use a scrap piece of paper to test the strength of the colours. If they’re too dark, you can always add more water.
  3. You may want to set up some newspaper under your painting surface, as dark tea can stain.
  4. Start painting! We recommend painting on a flat surface as the paint is simply water, and can run very easily.
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Painting via Etsy

Happy March, tea drinkers!

DIY Teacup Candles
4:30 pm , February 15, 2013 Comments Off on DIY Teacup Candles

Revitalize an old teacup and saucer with this easy project!

You will need:

1. Teacup and saucer
2. Microwavable wax (available at most craft stores)
3. A disposable container to heat the wax
4. Candle wicks with metal base (slightly taller than the top of the cup)
5. Wooden skewers
6. Tape
7. Essential oils (optional)


1. Wash and dry the teacup very well.
2. Put the wick in the centre of the teacup. Pin the top of the wick in between two wooden skewers. Wrap the tape around each side making sure the wick is pinched securely.
3. Heat the wax according to the instructions on the package. Once heated, add a few drops of scented oil and stir quickly using a wooden skewer or plastic spoon.
4. Pour the wax into the teacup.
5. Trim wick to 1/4″
6. Let sit until the wax is cool and solid.

Hint: this candle would make a great gift for a tea or craft lover!