nourishtea was created to bring tea lovers of all backgrounds… a delicious, honest and authentic loose tea brand that everyone could enjoy and call their own. Everyone! No judgements, no intimidation… Just great tea.

So what’s nourishtea really about? We’ve boiled (and steeped) it down to these 4 things…

  • Authentic loose leaf tea
  • Certified Organic tea leaves (wherever possible)
  • A strong charitable component
  • & most importantly…making loose leaf tea accessible to everyone

With a diverse set of black (red) teas, green teas, white and delicious herbals (that are awesome as iced teas as well, all natural, and have absolutely no caffeine), nourishtea is simple to prepare, lovely to blend your own creations – and just a super beverage…

nourishtea also is one of the few tea brands in North America to source its green tea matcha directly from a partnering tea garden in Japan (matcha is premium green tea powder with the highest source of antioxidants per cup of green tea).

So… join the nourishtea revolution. We challenge you to get healthy and drink uncompromised, great loose leaf tea”. Drink nourishtea. What’s YOUR leaf?